Tour-Proven Technology

A Kingdom fitting employs a series of high-tech tools that work together to deliver a wide range of remarkably precise data about every key element of your swing, which is invaluable to helping us determine the exact equipment specifications for you.

  • The MAT-T (Motion Analysis Technology by TaylorMade) System combines a highly sophisticated software program with a series of high-speed cameras to create a computer-generated 3D image of your swing that’s viewable from every angle. In the process, every critical data point about how you swing the club and launch the ball is captured and analyzed.
  • Our new Putter Lab features a Quintic launch monitor system to capture and analyze all critical information about your stroke to determine the combination of loft, length, head style and hosel style that will help you make more putts.
  • The Kingdom Practice Range offers the complete validation process on metal woods and irons using both TrackMan IIIe and Flightscope X2 launch monitor systems that capture club head speed, ball speed, angle of attack, trajectory and carry distance among other key meaurements.
  • Two hitting bays inside the Kingdom building allow the launch monitor systems to operate the validation process in the case of inclement weather.